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We're pleased and humbled you've taken the time to visit us.
We are a USDA approved( establishment #
M40076/P40076 ) as well as a State of Maine (#2-25139) approved manufacturing facility. Food safety, cleanliness, and customer confidence will always be our utmost priorities. We take great pride and understand our responsibility to the public to offer a safe, nutritious, and delicious meal you can be proud of.
Here at Heidi's Heavenly Pot Pies, it's all about the quality. We hand-pick each ingredient that goes into our Pot Pies ensuring they are hand-made in small batches and not machine made from vast quantities.
We visually- inspect each Pot Pie, then hand-pour our secret gravy (no, we're not telling) before freezing them. Once frozen, we hand-wrap them to be ready for your enjoyment.
We sincerely thank you for choosing Heidi's Heavenly Pot Pies. We'll continue to work diligently to earn your trust and respect as we have since 2009.

Hand-made Pot Pies at my USDA-approved facility. I offer 8, 26, and 40 oz. sizes in: Salmon, Chicken, Pork, and Chicken w/ Vegetables. I also offer Dinner rolls, Baked Beans, and Fruit Pies. After you enjoy 1 of my Hand-made Pot Pies, you'll be sure to tell your friends, "One Bite You Know It's Right!!!


As a responsible business owner, I pledge to you:
I do not, nor will I, compromise my standards of quality or my commitment to Food Safety. My goal is to deliver the very best Hand-Made Pot Pies and you can take comfort knowing where they came from. I personally oversee my entire Production Facility to ensure your trust in me never falters.
My line of Pot Pies will never replace your Grandmothers; although they'll be a VERY close second. I'm confident you'll be proud to serve Heidi's Heavenly Pot Pies to your family and guests as every occasion is special.
Thank you ever so much for choosing your own "Slice of Heaven" in Heidi's Heavenly Pot Pies.
Warmest Regards:
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Heidi Maurais

CEO / President

Heidi's Heavenly Pot Pies
81 Emery St.
Sanford, ME 04073
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